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GFS Tanks with UASB Reactor

Product Description

Principle of operation

Waste water came into UASB from bottom up through the sludge zone, sludge and sewage touch each other and make anaerobic reaction to produce biogas,then rise to the top of the three-phase separator to achieve gas, solid, liquid separation.UASB can decompose more than 80% of organic pollutants and complete anaerobic reaction.Technical features: high volume load, simple equipment, easy operation, low cost, easy management, not easy to block. Scope of application: papermaking, food processing, wine brewing, landfill leachate, pharmaceutical and chemical wastewater treatment. Key design: water distribution design, three-phase separator design.


GFS Tanks with UASB ReactorReactor

GFS Tanks with CSTR and Integrated Membrane System

Product Description

Principle of operation

Continuous stirred reactor system referred to as CSTR.By anaerobic activated sludge in the digester to purify organic pollutants, livestock and poultry manure wastewater is put into the tank from the upper or top of the anaerobic tank. After mixing with the original anaerobic activated sludge in the tank, the organic matter in the wastewater is converted into biogas through the adsorption, absorption and biodegradation of anaerobic microorganisms.Technical features: uniform material, uniform temperature, no crust, no blockage, no trench flow phenomenon. Scope of application: livestock and poultry manure, slaughterhouse garbage, sprinkler and tank liquid, biodiesel waste, kitchen waste, sludge reduction, etc. Key design: water distribution design, mixing design.



GFS bolted tank with IC reactor



Wansheng focus on designing and assembling GFS tanks with the high industry standards. Our Internal Circulation (IC) reactor for GFS bolted tank will satisfy your requirements on many aspects.

Product Description

Operation Principle of IC Reactor for GFS Bolted Tank

The feature of IC is large ratio of height to diameter and its height can be up to 20 m.It is composed of the first anaerobic reaction chamber and the second anaerobic reaction chamber.

The first anaerobic reaction chamber has a great ability to remove organic matter,wastewater entering the second chamber continues to be treated,remove the remaining organic matter from the wastewater and improve the effluent quality.Characteristics: high volume load, low capital construction investment, low operating cost, less surface area, strong impact load resistance, stable buffer PH effluent, short start-up period, strong low temperature resistance, sludge granulation. Scope of application: corn starch wastewater, citric acid wastewater, beer wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, alcohol wastewater, etc.

Key design of IC Reactor for GFS Bolted Tank 

► Water distribution design  

► Three-phase separator design.

We are proud of the high customer satisfaction and wide acceptance due to our persistent pursuit of high quality both on product and service for Ic Reactor. We will continue to devote ourselves to market & product development and build a well-knit service to our customer to create a more prosperous future. Please contact us today to find out how we can work together.

Advantages of IC Reactor for GFS Bolted Tank 

► Excellent anti-corrosion performance
► Flexibility, superior impact-resistance
► 100% coating coverage on panel edges and holes
► Fast installation with better quality: design, production and quality control in factory
► Safe, skill-free: less working aloft, no need for long time worker training
► Less influenced by local weather
► Long life time
► Low maintenance cost and easy to repair
► Possible to relocate, expand and reuse
► Nice-looking appearance